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Our Trammell family is asked to take a few small parts in the program.  Our part will be having the closing prayer (I have asked the church pastor to give the opening prayer), give a biography or Thomas Trammell (I will do this if OK with everyone), give a short talk on Mary Trammell wife of Thomas and for two family members to place wreaths on the grave site.  I would like for two of our youngest family members, Billy Harman and Trammell Braden to place the wreaths as it is customary for young members to have this honor.  I would greatly appreciate if Donald, as the only Trammell last name, other than his son Tommy, of our family line left to give the closing prayer but if he had rather not or if he plans not to attend, we can get someone else.  I will ask someone to give the talk on Mary. 

Antioch Methodist Church will provide us a place to meet inside in case of bad weather and for the refreshments after the ceremony and set up the chairs for the audience etc.  I have promised them a donation of $500.00.  Bonnie and I will provide the two wreaths which will cost about $100.00.  If you would like to help with the expenses it would sure be appreciated.  Your help should be a tax deductible donation to the Antioch United Methodist Church.  Make your checks payable to the church earmarked “Trammell Memorial” and send them to me please so I can make one family donation toward our goal of $500.00.  I have received donations from a couple of the family.  If a number of us will all donate $50 we can easily cover our pledge to the church.  I hope that some will give more than this amount however.  The little church can sure put the donations to a good use.  Please feel free not to give however, as the main thing is to honor our ancestor.  My intentions were to pay the church myself as I got all this started and I will gladly make sure that they will be delighted and compensated to have helped us honor Thomas Trammell.

Best regards to all and I look forward to seeing you in Thomaston on Sept. 1.